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car wash eventIn communities across the state, Vermonters are working together to reduce tobacco use.

Through local groups funded by grants, and direct community services from our district offices, Vermonters have local access to tobacco programs and supports.


Community Tobacco Coalitions

Vermont's Community Tobacco Coalitions coordinate events, conduct outreach and media campaigns, support local policy change, as well as help people in their communities find quit resources.

Coalitions also provide support to schools, hospitals, health care providers, non-profit organizations, businesses, local media, and law enforcement, in their efforts to promote the reduction of tobacco use.

Coalition activities across the state include:

The Health Department provides community coalitions with training and technical assistance to support its emphasis on the use of research-based prevention programs and strategies.

Community Coalition Grants

Community coalitions are funded by the Vermont Department of Health through an annual competitive grant process. These community grants are awarded each fiscal year to support local tobacco control efforts.

More Information

For more information about the state's coalition work and support, contact:

Joslyn Cassady
Community Tobacco Specialist
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street
Burlington, Vermont 05401
Tel: 1-866-331-5622

Or contact the Tobacco Control Program

Local Community Health Services

Through the 12 District Offices located around the state, all Vermont residents have a local health office they can count on for health information, and for disease prevention and emergency response services.

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