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Smoking Affects Everyone
While the adult smoking rate has gone down over the last 10 years, nearly 20% of Vermont adults still smoke. And for certain groups – like young adults and lower-income Vermonters – those figures are even higher.

Smoking puts people at risk for many diseases, can worsen chronic conditions like asthma and heart disease, and exposes non-smokers to secondhand smoke. The result is that over 800 Vermonters die each year from tobacco-related diseases, which also affect the quality of their lives, as well as that of their families and friends.

Why Quit@Work?

Vermont employers play an important role in the lives of their employees.

While each employer-employee relationship is different, employers have an obligation and the opportunity to provide information to their employees – information that can benefit both parties. That's why we created the QUIT@WORK Tool.

Smoking impacts Vermont’s businesses

Employers' bottom lines are impacted through increased costs of approximately $5,816 per year, per smoker.

Estimate your costs:

Smoking also Costs Employees

A pack-a-day smoker in Vermont spends an average of about $8.12 per day on cigarettes. That adds up to $246.98 per month and $2,963.80 per year. For an employee making $30,000 per year, quitting smoking is like getting an 11% pay increase.


QUIT@WORK is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that provides employers with information to share with their employees about the range of quit smoking services and resources available to all Vermonters – all of which are free of charge.

QUIT@WORK also provides information about the cost of smoking, tools for employees who are ready to quit, and other resources for employers, including:

Get the Quit@Work Tool and more information

Download the QUIT@WORK Tool PDF document

QUIT@WORK Templates:

Example of Smoke-free signageMore Resources and Information

802 Quits - Vermont Quit Smoking Services

802Quits (formerly the Vermont Quit Network) is a gateway to free tools, information, and personal counseling to quit tobacco. We understand how hard it is to quit, which is one of the reasons why we remind smokers that Every Try Counts!

Vermont Quit Network802Quits puts smokers in control with a choice of proven quit smoking strategies that includes in-person, phone counseling, online support from Quit Online and Quit Your Way tools for independent quitters.

To help increase the chances of success, the Vermont Quit Network also offers access to free or reduced cost nicotine replacement therapies – patches, gum and/or lozenges – to smokers using quit counseling (while supplies last).

For more information visit 802Quits.org

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For more information

For more information and resources about tobacco control and quit smoking services in Vermont:

Call: 1-866-331-5622 (toll free)
Email: tobaccovt@vermont.gov

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