Quit Smoking Help

It can be hard to quit smoking, but there is help when you’re ready to quit. Research shows that it can take five to seven attempts to successfully quit smoking), but you can double your chances of success with 802Quits.org


802Quits.org When you decide to quit, these free services can help you find success. Best of all, through 802Quits you can get free nicotine replacement - gum, patches or lozenges - shipped right to your door (while supplies last). Visit 802Quits.org

Quit Online

Online tools and supports, including advice, tips, reminder e-mails, and access to online chat groups where you can talk with other smokers who know what you're going through, are at 802Quits.org.

Quit by Phone

802Quits links you with a quit coach who will call at a time that works for you. Your coach will help you get ready to quit, and will give you tips, advice and support to help you stay quit. They'll even help out if you've had a relapse and want to try again. The Network can also link you to a local coach, online support, or mail out self-help tools. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (784-8669) to get started, or go to 802Quits.org for more info or to sign up for a call back.

Quit in Person

Group coaches are located in each hospital in the state. Like the phone coaches, they will help you get ready to quit with advice and support that works for your needs.

Go to the In-Person section of 802Quits.org to find a coach and register for a group.

More Resources

American Legacy Foundation
The American Legacy Foundation is dedicated to building a world where young people reject tobacco and anyone can quit.

The Great American Smokeout
This annual smoke-free day is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

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