Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Healthy Vermonters Objectives

Beginning in 1990, at the beginning of each decade, Healthy People has established various national health objectives to achieve in the subsequent 10 year period.  Our Healthy Vermonters objectives are modified versions of these goals. 

The data used to track Healthy Vermonters objectives over time come from several sources, including the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS).  Results for those measures tracked with BRFSS data are below.

Healthy Vermonters 2010

The Vermont Department of Health also completed a status report of progress towards all Healthy Vermonters 2010 goals.

Healthy Vermonters 2020

Healthy Vermonters 2020 objectives are under development.


For information about the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, please contact:

Jessie Hammond, M.P.H.
Program Coordinator
Tel: 802-863-7663

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