State of Vermont 2002 Vital Statistics

118th Report Relating To the Registry & Return Of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Divorces, Civil Unions & Dissolutions

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This Table of Contents is organized top down starting with Vermont Population data followed by Births, Deaths, Infant and Fetal Deaths, Abortions, Marriages, Divorces, and Civil Unions. At the top of each section you can select the statistical summary information for that section by clicking on the link in that section’s Title. To view a data table or graphical chart in a section, click on the down arrow on the right side of the box and scroll to the title that interests you. The appendices appear at the bottom of this page.

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Births And Deaths

2002 Vermont Summary and Population Statistics

2002 Births: Summary, Data Tables & Graphs

2002 Deaths: Summary, Data Tables & Graphs

2002 Infant Deaths, Fetal Deaths, Abortions and Pregnancies: Summary, Data Tables & Graphs

2002 Abortions: Data Tables & Graphs

2002 Pregnancies: Data Tables

Vermont Marriages, Divorces, Civil Unions & Dissolutions

2002 Marriages and Divorces: Summary, Data Tables and Graphs

2002 Divorces: Data Tables

2002 Civil Unions and Dissolutions: Summary, Data Tables

2002 Appendices