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Getting Started

The Vermont Tracking portal includes two main components:

Starting at the Tracking homepage, you can choose a topic area to learn about, or you can go directly to the data. If you choose to learn about a topic first, just click on the name of the topic.

Search DataOnce in a particular topic area, it is easy to move to the data by watching for and clicking this search icon.

If you choose to search the data, you will be taken to the Vermont Tracking Search Tool that looks like the one pictured below (Figure 1). In the example, the user has chosen to search for Lung and Bronchus Cancer at the County level for the years 2003–2007.

Query Tool Screenshot 1
Figure 1

When “Search” is clicked for the example above, a new screen appears with the requested data in table, map and chart form (Figure 2). From this new page, the data can be explored more fully. Tabs and buttons on the page provide options for looking at the data in different formats, as well as for downloading, printing, and sending the data to others via email.

Query Tool Screenshot 2
Figure 2

In addition to the two main components, the Tracking homepage also features:

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