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Hospitalizations for CO Poisoning

Hospitalizations data for CO poisoning show inpatient admissions of Vermont residents to hospitals in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York for unintentional exposure to carbon monoxide. Hospitalizations data are presented annually starting with the year 2000 and do not include individuals who are treated in outpatient settings.

The total number of Vermont residents admitted to hospitals in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York for CO exposure each year is fairly small. When numbers of cases are fewer than six, Vermont Tracking does not show exact counts. With fewer than six cases, it is almost impossible to tell random changes from true changes in the data. Reporting small numbers is also avoided to maintain confidentiality of individuals.

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Emergency Department Visits for CO Poisoning

Vermont Tracking data show the number of emergency room visits to Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Massachusetts hospitals by Vermont residents for unintentional CO poisoning. Data for emergency department (ED) visits are provided starting in 2003. In 2003, there was a change in how hospitals coded ED data for CO exposure. For this reason, data for years before 2003 cannot be compared to data from 2003 onward.

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Deaths from CO Poisoning

Breathing high levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal. Starting in the year 2000, these data track the number of Vermont residents who died as a result of unintentional exposure to CO.

For most data presented on Vermont Tracking, small numbers of cases (fewer than six) are not displayed. Data on deaths caused by CO poisoning, however, are released as public information. For this reason, Vermont Tracking displays the exact number of deaths.

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