A Guide to Burials and Funerals in Vermont

Too often, people do not think about end-of-life arrangements until after a person has died. Then decisions must be made quickly during an emotional and stressful time.

However, it is possible to plan ahead by discussing your wishes with the significant people in your life, and writing down how you would like important matters to be handled.

Decide whether you want a will, health care advance directive, durable power of attorney or anatomical gift. Decide what final arrangements you would like. Information in the Advance Directives, Funeral Services, Cemetery Burial, Home Burial, Cremation and Burial At Sea sections can help you think about what you would like.

We encourage you to use all available resources when planning, including advice from a health care provider, religious or spiritual advisor, attorney, family and friends, and hospice. This information is not designed to offer medical or legal advice – for that, please consult with your health care provider and attorney.

A Guide to Cemetery and Burial Law
Digging Deep - is a guide to cemetery and burial law provided by the Office of the Vermont Secretary of State.

Getting Organized

Special Thanks to: Florida Agency for Health Care Administration; Joshua Slocum of the Funeral Consumers Alliance; Joy Fagan, Vermont Cemetary Association; Lisa Carlson of the Funeral Ethics Organization; and Chris Book of the Vermont Funeral Directors Association.

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