WIC in Vermont

Books about Pretend Games and Imagination

Title Author
The Snowman Raymond Briggs
I Went Walking Sue Williams
From Head to Toe Eric Carle
Pretend You're a Cat Jean Marzollo
Mud Puddle Robert N. Munsch
Come Out and Play Maya Amjera and John D. Ivanko
My Pony Susan Jeffers
Stellaluna Janell Cannon
Little Fern's First Winter Jane Simmons
Stranger in the Woods Carl R. Samms II and Jean Stoick
Ducks on a Bike David Shannon
How I Became a Pirate Melinda Long and David Shannon
While You Were Chasing a Hat Lilian Moore
If You're Happy and You Know It Penny Dann
The Teddy Bear Picnic Jimmy Kennedy

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