WIC in Vermont

How to Apply for WIC Nutrition Services:

1. Schedule an appointment.

To enroll in WIC you will need an inperson visit. Call the district office that serves your community to schedule an appointment. WIC provides Nutrition Services in many locations across the state.

You can download and print the WIC Enrollment Form to bring to your appointment. You will also need to bring proof of income, residency, and identification to your appointment.

2. Complete a Health and Nutrition Questionnaire for each applicant.

You can download the forms below, ask your district office to mail them to you, or complete them at your appointment..


3. Meet with WIC staff.

During your WIC visit we will:

• Review your income, and your proof of identity and residency
• Weigh and measure each person applying for WIC
• Screen for anemia*
• Talk with you about your nutrition interests and goals
• Share information on health and community services

* To screen for anemia we will do a finger stick blood test – during your pregnancy, after the birth of your baby; at your child’s 12 month and 18 month visits, and then yearly.

When you talk with the nutritionist or nurse you can ask questions about health and nutrition for you and your children. We will invite you to attend nutrition workshops, parent groups and cooking classes. These activities are offered in your community and include topics such as breastfeeding, cooking on a budget, shopping at the farmers' market, making your own baby food, physical activity for toddlers and preschoolers, and more. Times and locations are listed in WIC's quarterly newsletter.

If you have questions you may also call us at 1-800-649-4357.

We look forward to helping you meet your nutrition goals!

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Updated 6/20/2013