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WIC's Mother/Baby Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding mother and infantYou already know that breastfeeding is best for you and your baby. What you may not know is that learning to breastfeed can take a little time, patience and practice.

Explore the features on our Mother/Baby Breastfeeding Support website to expand your knowledge, build your confidence, meet other moms, and connect with resources in your community. When you choose to give your baby the amazing gift of breastfeeding, you can count on us to support your decision.

You Can Do It and WIC Can Help!

10 Steps Project: Empowering Mothers and Nurturing Babies

10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding” are the first steps toward gaining international recognition as a Baby-Friendly Hospital.

Vermont hospitals are committed to achieving the 10 Steps, thereby improving the health of Vermonters. To that end, WIC, VCHIP, the Vermont Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Vermont Academy of Family Physicians are collaborating on the 10 Steps Project to Empower Mothers and Nurture Babies:
    • Have a written breastfeeding policy that is routinely communicated to all health care staff.
    • Train all health care staff in skills necessary to implement this policy.
    • Inform all pregnant women about the benefits and management of breastfeeding.
    • Help mothers initiate breastfeeding within one hour of birth.
    • Show mothers how to breastfeed and how to maintain lactation, even if they are separated from their infants.
    • Give newborn infants no food or drink other than breastmilk, unless medically indicated.
    • Practice “rooming in”-- allow mothers and infants to remain together 24 hours a day.
    • Encourage breastfeeding on demand.
    • Give no pacifiers or artificial nipples to breastfeeding infants.
    • Foster the establishment of breastfeeding support groups and refer mothers to them on discharge from the hospital or clinic.

Vermont WIC

Vermont WIC Program offers many services to help you succeed with your breastfeeding goals. Whether you’re looking for support as you and your baby are learning to breastfeed, or going back to work, you can rely on WIC to help you every step of the way.

WIC is committed to helping you to meet your personal breastfeeding goals.  We can help you develop a plan, share resources and information, and connect you with a peer counselor.

  • WIC food packages for breastfeeding moms include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other healthy foods to help you eat well.
  • Peer counselors if you'd like a little more personalized support.
  • Lactation consultant referrals and other support services.
  • Breastfeeding groups where you can come for help and meet other moms just like you.
  • Breastpumps and other supports to help transition back to work or school.
  • Nutrition counseling for all stages of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and your baby’s first years.
  • Continuing care and information throughout early childhood.


Vermont Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Project

If your worksite or favorite business should be recognized and listed as “Breastfeeding Friendly” let us know. Visit our Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Project. You'll find resources for employers and worksites, as well as for childcare providers and families.

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