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Using your Fruit & Veggie Card

Fruits and vegetables are now part of WIC's monthly food benefits! They will not be delivered to your home like the rest of the foods. Instead you can buy fruits and vegetables at WIC authorized grocery stores using the WIC Fruit and Veggie Card.

Coming soon to all: The eWIC Card

eWIC is rolling out across the state. Soon you will have one card for all WIC-approved food items, including fruits and vegetables. Get more information about using your WIC card.

How the WIC Fruit & Veggie Card works

  • Your WIC Fruit & Veggie Card is mailed to you shortly after you are enrolled in WIC. With your card you’ll get easy instructions for using it. The card works like a debit or EBT card.
  • At the start of each month you are on WIC, your benefit amount will be added to your card. Every time you buy allowed fruits and vegetables their cost is subtracted from your balance. Use your entire benefit by the end of the month – unspent balances don’t carry over in the next month. 
  • You may purchase fresh, canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, except those with added sugars, fats, oils, or salt. The only potatoes allowed are sweet potatoes and yams.
  • The WIC Fruit & Veggie Card can be used at authorized supermarkets, food co-ops and local grocers in Vermont that display the WIC sign.

Customer Service

Customer Service Help Line: 1-877-373-8715

  • Call the toll-free Help Line right away if:
    • You have questions
    • You have problems using your card
    • Your card is lost or stolen
    • Someone learns your PIN
    • You forget your PIN or want to change it
    • You want to know the balance on your card
    The Customer Service Help Line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Learn more about using your new card (Video - 7 minutes):
    If you can't watch the video on your computer, contact your district office to request a copy on DVD.


How much is my WIC fruit and vegetable benefit?

One card will hold the benefit for all family members enrolled on WIC.

  • $10 per month for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women
  • $8 per month for children

How do I use my new card?

  • Bring your grocery items, including your WIC fruits and vegetables, to a checkout lane with a cashier.
  • Unload and sort your items by placing your WIC fruits and vegetables in front of your other purchases.
  • Show  your WIC Fruit & Veggie Card to the cashier and then swipe your card and enter your PIN. If your balance is enough to pay for all your allowed fruits and vegetables,  the transaction is complete and the cashier may now ring up your non-WIC items.
  • If the balance on your card isn’t enough, rearrange your WIC fruits and vegetables to get the most out of your remaining balance without going over.

Once you’re done, a receipt will be printed that displays your current WIC balance. The receipt will say “Food Stamp benefits remaining,” because WIC is building on the food stamp EBT system, but the dollar amount shown is actually your WIC balance. See: Details about Using your WIC Fruit and Veggie Card.

How do I get my WIC fruit and vegetable benefit?

WIC’s Fruit and Vegetable benefit is provided through an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card. You can shop for fruits and vegetables at WIC authorized grocery stores throughout Vermont. Your Fruit and Veggie card will be mailed directly to you after you enroll in WIC and your monthly benefit will be added to your account at the beginning of each month. Be sure to use up your benefit by the end of each month, benefits do not carry over to the next month.

What Can I Purchase with the WIC Card?

Generally speaking, you may purchase any organic OR non-organic fresh, canned or frozen fruits or vegetables, EXCEPT fruits or vegetables prepared with added sugars, fats, oils, or salt. The only potatoes allowed are fresh sweet potatoes and yams (not frozen or canned).

Check the WIC Allowed Fruits and Vegetables Web page, or our WIC Buying Guide for more information.  

Details about Using your WIC Fruit and Veggie Card at the Grocery Store

  • Select a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at or by calling 1-877-373-8715.  When setting your PIN, you will be prompted to enter your zipcode, and, the birthdate of the oldest WIC participant in your family.
  • Know your balance before you go shopping.
  • Place your WIC fruits and vegetables on the counter first, before the non-WIC purchases.
  • Show the WIC card to the cashier before swiping the card through the terminal.
  • Swipe card and select “Food Stamps/EBT” (even though this is a WIC, not FS, benefit)
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN on the keypad.
  • Press the OK or ENTER key.
  • After the cashier enters the purchase amount, if it is correct press the YES key.
  • When the cashier hands you the receipt, make sure the information on the receipt is correct.
  • Keep the receipt in your card sleeve so you will know your new balance the next time you shop.

Where to Use Your WIC EBT Card?

You can use your WIC EBT card at most chain grocers, food coops and independent full-service grocery stores. You may NOT use your card at convenience stores, mini-marts, or farmers' markets. Only specific stores authorized by Vermont WIC are allowed to accept the WIC EBT card.

A few stores outside of Vermont have been authorized to accept the WIC Fruit and Veggie card. Look for the “Vermont WIC Fruit and Veggie Card Accepted Here” sign, or check the list of authorized grocers for out of state stores.

For more information, see our Newsletter or the WIC Fruit & Veggie Buying Guide that is mailed with your card.  If you do not see the sign at your favorite grocery store, ask the manager if they plan to become an authorized store.

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