ADAP Clinical Services Unit Contact Information

Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs
Vermont Department of Health

108 Cherry Street, Room 202
P.O. Box 70, Drawer 27
Burlington, Vermont 05402-0070

Phone: (802) 651-1550
Fax: (802) 651-1573

Clinical Services Unit Staff

District Offices
The Department of Health operates 12 District Offices located throughout the state. All Vermont residents have a local health office they can count on for health information, and for disease prevention and emergency response services.

Clinical Services Unit Staff

Director of Clinical Services
Jackie Corbally
(802) 863-7208
Clinical Services Manager & State Opioid Treatment Authority
Tony Folland
(802) 652-4141
Quality Assurance & Recovery Services
Evan Smith
(802) 652-2030
Hub Program Manager/Housing
Kerrie Taylor
(802) 652-4143
SBIRT Project Director
Win Turner
(802) 863-7253
SBIRT Program Manager/Criminal Justice
Erin O'Keefe
(802) 859-3008
Adolescent & Families and Women's Services
Amy Danielson
(802) 651-1557
Vermont Youth Treatment Enhancement Project Coordinator
Sara Chesbrough
(802) 863-7268
Vermont Youth Treatment Enhancement Program Technician
Rebecca Fenn
(802) 951-5191
Project CRASH Director & Licensing Oversight
Jerri Brouilette
(802) 863-7651
Drinking Driver Rehabilitation Program (DDRP) Administrator
Judy LaCross
(802) 651-1574

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