Safe Food Handling for Healthy Holidays

holiday turkeyDuring holiday season, the Department of Health encourages everyone to practice important food safety measures when preparing meals.

When is cooked food safe for eating?

USDA Safe Minimum Internal Cooking Temperatures

You must cook foods to the following temperatures to kill germs:

Place a thermometer in the thickest part of the meat and/or in the center of the food and stuffing to get a true reading.

Is it done yet? USDA temperature chartIs It Done Yet? Temperature Chart PDF
USDA's recommended internal temperatures for meat and poultry products in handy chart form; Chart also available as a 17 x 11-inch poster PDF (exit VDH)

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Safe food handling & preparation tips

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Why it’s important

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More tips & information

USDA Video: Let's Talk About Thawing a Turkey

More from USDA about safe food handling and seasonal food safety

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