Staying physically active reduces risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. Physical activity also supports emotional health and stress reduction. Creating a workplace that promotes physical activity through policies, programs, and the built environment can help employees stay active during the workday. 

Recommended Strategies:

Education and Awareness

  • Promote daily physical activity breaks.

  • Build wellness activities into events.

  • Offer incentives for active commuting.

  • Create a physical activity challenge.

  • Offer incentives for participating in physical activities.

  • Enter local fitness activities, such as 5K fun runs, as a company team.

  • Include family members in activities that promote physical activity.

On-Site Support

  • Offer on-site fitness opportunities.

  • Provide space to be physically active.

  • Start a bike or snowshoe sharing program.

  • Provide fitness equipment on-site for employees to use.

  • Support physical activity breaks and active meetings (e.g. walking meetings).

  • Use signs, prompts and create ”inviting” stairwells to encourage the use of stairs.

  • Provide maps of trails or walking paths in the area.

  • Provide discounts for fitness classes, gyms or health clubs.

  • Make sure on-site supports are available for employees of all physical abilities, providing adaptive equipment and opportunities.

Policy Change

  • Develop a wellness break policy.

  • Adopt a physical activity policy.

  • Create guidelines for flexible work schedules to allow physical activity.

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