Automate Case Reporting

Electronic case reporting (eCR) automatically generates and transmits case reports from electronic health records to public health agencies for review and action.

How does eCR work?

eCR Automatically Routes Reports from Providers to Public Health Agencies.

ECR Diagram
  1. The provider submits the report through their electronic health record system (EHR)
  2. APHL Informatics Messaging Service (AIMS) platform or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), depending on which app is enabled by agreement, will send trigger codes from EHR to the Reportable Conditions Knowledge Management System (RCKMS).
  3. RCKMS sends the information in the form of Initial Electronic Case Report (eICR) and Reportability Response (RR).
  4. The trigger codes will examine the EHR for matches to reportable diseases.
  5. Once the criteria are matched the potential case will be sent on as an Electronic Case Report (eCR).
  6. If the case warrants sending to the public health agency, the full eCR and RR will be sent to the awaiting surveillance system, where the case will be viewed by the Health Department.


Why use eCR?
  • eCR solves historical issues with reporting timeliness and completeness
  • It creates ways so that providers may stay informed about the ongoings of the data
  • Using eCR can lead to a reduction in workload burden by increasing automation of reporting
  • eCR ensures full compliance with the reporting statutes
  • The use of eCR will improve the timeliness and accuracy
How to get started with eCR?
  1. Check that you are ready for eCR. Review the Readiness and Implementation Checklist
  2. Reach out to Health Department's eCR team by email at Tell us that you are interested in eCR; which health network you are affiliated with, and which EHR or EMR product you use.
  3. Meet with the Health Department's eCR team, the CDC's eCR team. Your organization will work closely with the CDC eCR Team to start onboarding and assist with conversations between you and your EHR or EMR vendor. The Health Department will initiate the meeting.
  4. The facility needs to talk with its EHR vendor to see if the vendor is even offering the APHL addition at this time.
Last Updated: February 15, 2023